To see what we're looking for please see What We're Looking For Right Now

To ensure your query gets the attention it deserves, please make sure to follow the following guidelines in their entirety.

1. E-mail all queries to [email protected]

2. The e-mail subject line should read: QUERY: GENRE; TITLE; AUTHOR (please insert your information, don't just put genre; title; author)

3. The first four (4) lines should look like this:
Word Count

4. Next should be a short description of your book (What would you want to see on the back cover?)

5. Finally, copy the first three pages of your double-spaced manuscript into the body of the email. We do NOT open unsolicited attachments.

What not to submit

1. Author Bio - This doesn't factor into our initial decision to request your manuscript. We might ask for this later, so have it ready.

2. Attachments - We do not accept unsolicited attachments, no exceptions.

3. First draft manuscripts - Even if you think you've written a perfect first draft, put it aside for a week and then take a fresh look at it. We'll still be here when you've made it the best you can on your own.

4. Genre's we aren't looking for right now. Which you can find featured on our team blog .

Tips for a successful query

1. Follow our simple submission guidelines - We've made them as easy as possible.

2. Query only when you have your full manuscript ready - We read manuscripts in the order we receive them, not based on when we request them.

3. Make sure your manuscript is polished and lacking any major grammatical and spelling errors - If you can't afford to have it professionally edited and proofread, there are several editing softwares available (Grammarly, AutoCrit, etc) that could be affordable for you.

4. Follow our team blog for regular updates on what we're looking for, expected response times, up-to-date tips and suggestions for success.

5. Queries and manuscripts should be double spaced in Times New Roman or Courier New font.

Estimated Response Times

Due to the high quantity of queries we are receiving, please allow 1-2 weeks for a response to your query, 4-6 weeks for a response on partial manuscript requests, and 8-10 weeks for a full manuscript.