Call for Short Story Submissions

About Our Anthologies

Our current goal is to publish at least one complete anthology, 100,000 words total, every month. Each anthology will have a single genre and theme, chosen by our Independent Staff Writers at the beginning of the month and announced on the fifth day of that month. The primary goal of these anthologies is to get authors and up-and-coming writers more exposure while allowing them to earn some extra money.

Our pay structure for the anthologies is a little different than most companies. Rather than limit the earning potential of your story to a flat rate or pay-per-word, we pay you on a royalty basis depending on your contribution level. What this means is that if you and nine other writers each write 10,000 word stories that are in a single anthology, the ten of you would split the author share of the royalties equally. However, if you and three other writers write stories of 2,500 words, two writers wrote 5,000 words, and eight wrote 10,000 words the split would look like this:

The eight would split 80% (10% each)
The two would split 10% (5% each)
The four would split 10% (2.5% each)

Essentialy, it boils down to a 1% share of the authors share for every 1,000 words of story. Now, the authors share is 40% of net sales for first 2,500 copies of the anthology sold. Starting with copy 2,501 that percentage jumps to 60%. Payments will be dispersed on the first day of the fourth month following the close of a sales period (Sales in August 2017 will be paid out December 1, 2017)

In keeping with the idea of offering unlimited earning potential, we also plan to do an annual 'Best of' anthology that will include our top stories from the year. This will allow you to earn royalties all over again on the same story.

Submission Requirements

1. All submissions must be between 2,500 words and 10,000 words.
2. All submissions should be an indepependent and complete story. They can be related to another work of the author, but should stand alone.
3. All submissions should be self-edited and mostly ready for publication.
4. All submissions should meet the genre/theme of the month.
5. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected] with a subject line of "SS Submission" with the complete story attached as and .doc or .docx file.
6. All submissions are due by the last day of the month of the assigned genre/theme.

Current Genre/Theme Pairing

Sci-Fi/Time Travel