In order to keep our process proprietary, we'll explain it in broad, general terms.

1. Writers submit a query.

2. Select writers will be invited to submit their full manuscript.

3. Manuscripts are sent through our Finance and Marketing departments before going to the final selection meeting.

4. We send out contract offers every Friday, with the exception of holiday weekends when we send them out the Thursday before.

5. Once the contract is signed and returned, we set a schedule for marketing and publication.

6. We have the manuscript edited and proofread, while the author has the power to veto any edits we suggest as long as they have a valid reason.

7. A member of our staff will work closely with the author on the cover concept and back cover blurb and then commission the cover from one of our preferred designers. We'll select 2-3 acceptable covers for the author to choose from, but the final decision is theirs.

8. A member of our staff will then work closely with the author on marketing efforts, while we do provide some marketing we expect authors to pitch in and lend a hand.

On occasion, we will receive a manuscript that is ready - or nearly ready - for publication. While we do not require this, we do appreciate it. Not only does it save us money, but it puts more money in the author's pocket sooner as we can get it out faster.